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About Croswell-Schulte

Croswell-Schulte is an independent consulting firm providing information technology evaluation, needs assessment, design, planning, and implementation services for a wide range of public and private sector organizations. Our focus is to provide guidance and assistance to our clients in the adoption and use of IT products and practices which best support the organization’s mission and business requirements.

We address all aspects of IT and GIS programs and projects: technical, organizational, and financial, to provide practical and cost-effective IT solutions for our clients. Our services encompass the full lifecycle of IT projects and programs—needs assessment, design, planning, business case preparation, procurement, and implementation support. Our independent status ensures that we are not influenced by business relationships with IT vendors, but we remain up-to-date with IT industry products, standards, and methodologies.

Our primary geographic scope is the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean region. We pursue international projects outside of this primary region through partnerships with other consulting organizations.

We invite you to learn more about our experience and qualifications and give us the opportunity to provide you with high-quality consulting services—as we have for many organizations over the last 10 years.

Croswell-Schulte Services

  • IT Research, Education, and Group Facilitation

    Research on information technology trends and products custom presentations and briefings for management, technical staff and users design and organization of technical training programs.

  • Business Process Evaluation and Improvement

    Business process description and modeling analysis of business process workflows  business process improvement identification of information technology enhancements for business processes. 

  • IT Needs Assessment and Planning

    Assessment of current IT systems, data, staff, policies, and procedures  identification of IT system and organization needs strategic planning for IT programs implementation and business planning for IT development financial analysis and business case preparation software/system quality assurance

  • IT Design and Implementation Support

    Enterprise IT architecture design system integration analysis and design  database modeling and design cost benefit analysis and business case preparation IT standards and best practices development specifications for vendor software and services and support in procurement software/system quality assurance and testing

  • GIS Requirements Evaluation and Planning

    Assessment of current GIS resources, staffing, policies, and management structure examination of enterprise GIS program coordination identification of business needs for GIS data, systems, and applications strategic planning for GIS programs implementation and business planning for GIS development planning for GIS program outreach and promotional campaigns.

  • GIS Design and Implementation Support

    GIS database modeling and design support in GIS database development and integration GIS application design and development; financial analysis and business case preparation GIS program organizational development policy, standards, and best practices development specifications and support in GIS vendor product/service procurement on-site project and program management support. 

  • Project and Program Review and Audit

    Independent review and evaluation of IT and GIS programs and projects   examination of management structures, staffing, technical components, and performance measures recommendations and briefings for project and program improvements on-site management and technical support to management and technical staff. 

  • Organizational Development and Management Practices

    Organizational structure improvement ▪ IT governance ▪ management policies and practices ▪ staff requirements and skills evaluation ▪ staff recruitment ▪ training and professional development planning ▪ inter-­‐organizational communications and coordination ▪ preparation of agreements and contracts

  • Document and Records Management System and Program Design

    Document and records inventory evaluation of document-related workflows  evaluation of needs for records management programs (formal policies, retention schedules, practices for records storage and access) evaluation of needs and preparation of specifications for document/content management system development support in establishing records management programs and systems. 

  • IT Project Planning and Management Training

    Strategic foundation for projects ▪ project planning and estimation ▪ risk planning and management  ▪ communications and reporting ▪assembling and managing teams ▪ procurement and contract management ▪ quality assurance ▪ PMI best practices and knowledge areas ▪ Microsoft Project© software use

  • IT Quality Control-Quality Assurance Design, Planning, and Support

    Definition of quality standards and specifications ▪ preparation of QC and QA plans ▪ creation of test cases and scripts ▪ support in procuring QA services ▪ preparation of contracts for IT products and services ▪ set-up and oversight of QC and QA procedures

Croswell-Schulte Consulting Sectors

Client Sector Scope:

Croswell-Schulte specializes on work for the public sector, utility organizations, and the companies and groups with which they interact. This includes government agencies at all levels, public and private utilities, and a wide range of service delivery organizations including:

  • Federal Government Agencies
  • State and Provincial Governments
  • Local Government Jurisdictions (County, City, Town, Village)
  • Regional Agencies (special districts, councils of governments, commissions, and authorities with planning, service, regulatory, or land management responsibilities)
  • Public and Private Utility Organizations (water, wastewater, gas, and electric). Includes private utility companies, municipal or county government-based utility departments, independent utility districts, and utility cooperatives.
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations and Associations
  • National governments
  • Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • IT product and service companies

Vertical Business and Program Sectors:

Croswell-Schulte services address information technology needs for a broad scope of disciplines and programs important to public-sector agencies, utilities, and other organizations. With a long track record of successful projects and clients, demonstrate our extensive experience and familiarity with the following program areas:

  • Public Works and Utility Infrastructure  Management
  • Transportation Planning and Operations
  • Real Property Assessment and Management
  • Permitting and Land Development Tracking
  • Land Use and Comprehensive Planning
  • Public Safety and Emergency Services
  • Natural Resources/Environmental Management and Regulation
  • Public Health and Social Services
  • Economic and Business Development
  • Public Records Management

Croswell-Schulte Consulting Approach and Philosophy

Our sole focus is on meeting the information technology needs of our clients by providing high-quality and practical advice and solutions. We understand information technology and how it supports the business requirements of our clients.  We value integrity, embrace challenges, and demonstrate professionalism in our project engagements.   We base our consulting work on the following tenets:

Professional Competency – Consulting services that draw on sound education, training,  research, and on-going professional development that ensures our expertise and use of effective tools, practices, and IT solutions for our clients

Responsiveness – Appreciation and respect for the needs of our clients and all internal and external factors that impact IT development, deployment, and operations. Our primary goal is to provide services that result in practical IT solutions that address the requirements of the organizations we serve.

Independence – Objective and comprehensive approach not encumbered by reseller agreements or business relationships that influence our analyses and recommendations. Our unbiased approach is complemented by our experience with a wide array of IT industry products and methodologies. 

Dedication – Hard work and focus on high-quality results.  We are problem-solvers who take project responsibility seriously and tackle technical and non-technical challenges to deliver useful and effective results—on time and on budget

Experience – In-depth familiarity with the information technology industry, products, and service—combined with broad experience with user organizations and their  business needs that information technology supports

Croswell-Schulte Qualifications

Our successful consulting work is based on our experience, training, and in-depth familiarity with the needs of our clients. Specific qualifications that characterize Croswell-Schulte’s people, services, and consulting approach include:

  • Broad experience in IT planning, implementation, and operations—as consultants, users, and information technology managers
  • Education, training, and professional certifications in IT operations and management with an on-going emphasis on professional development
  • Broad familiarity with public sector organizations and in-depth knowledge of programs and business needs of federal, state, regional, and local governments and utility organizations
  • Extensive skills and use of effective techniques for information gathering, analysis, and consensus building
  • Communication skills including the ability to convey and promote IT concepts and implementation initiatives to senior management, users, and technical personnel
  • Well-versed with policies, organizational governance, legal issues, and organizational mandates that impact information technology implementation and management
  • Hands-on experience with IT development tools, standards, and popular software packages—with on-going monitoring of IT industry products and trends
  • Leadership by President, Peter Croswell, recognized expert in IT planning and implementation

Independent and Unbiased

Croswell-Schulte does not have partnerships, re-seller agreements, or financial interests with any vendor of information technology products. We maintain awareness and familiarity with a wide range of IT products and services but our sole focus is on our clients’ needs—delivering advice and project support that best meets the organization’s business requirements.

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

Croswell-Schulte takes seriously the privacy and confidentiality concerns of our clients and all individuals and organizations with which we communicate. Our privacy-confidentiality policy has the following elements:

  • Strict adherence to all confidentiality, intellectual property, and privacy laws, regulations, contractual terms, and non-disclosure agreements
  • Protection and no re-distribution of confidential or proprietary documents or information provided to us by clients, partners, or other parties
  • No distribution of contact information provided to us by any party without expressed agreement from the party
  • Protection and no re-distribution of products or documents prepared by Croswell-Schulte under contract without the approval of the client organization
  • No reference to client organizations or use of their names in promotional materials, press releases, etc. without their approval

We apply appropriate system, network, and Web-based security controls to the storage and transmittal of all digital materials.

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